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All they wanted to do is to find their dad

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Birth poll


So, if you have at least two babies and the second was conceived before the older was a year AND you went into labour naturally with the second, what gestation was the second at birth?

I read an article about a study that says you’re more likely to birth early if you became pregnant before the baby was a year. This is a first for me so I’m just curious about others experience. (I know it really means nothing since everyone is different, but I still wanna know :P)

My 2nd was 40 weeks on the dot. Born promptly on her due date :)

Shot out to Beth (maternalgoddess). She is so sweet and her sons are so damn cute. Her whole little family is adorable. She's been thrown some curveballs with the newest addition but she's toughing it out and I admire her so much.

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If I have a daughter
and she starts to
feel the pressure I once felt
I will let her dye her hair
blue, red, green even
I will let her cut it
straighten it
shave it
I will let her wear black eyeliner
and lipsticks
I will let her wear
basketball shorts
and short skirts
and hoodies
and black ripped jeans
I’ll listen to her cry
over boys
over girls
over ‘bitches’
and ‘assholes’
and teachers
and the world
and the universe
And every day
I’ll tell her I love her
I’ll tell her I’m proud of her
I’ll tell her she’s strong
until she realises
she does not
need to be
called beautiful
to be herself
p.k. – My parents let me go through all the phases I needed in order to fit in with friends, to fit into myself but they always told me that I’d always be enough. It took some time but I know that now. 20/07/14 (via youalonefilltheuniverse)

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What superparent powers do you possess?  Tells us via inbox or submission, or tag them #growinguplast. 


What superparent powers do you possess?  Tells us via inbox or submission, or tag them #growinguplast. 


I do the first one to break plank position when the instructor isn’t looking.


Investigators still haven’t found the missing Marine wife from 29 Palms who is 4 months pregnant. It’s been weeks. This just is so unfair and sad. I’m hoping they find her safe and sound but it’s hard to keep hope :/


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Adorable Big Sister meets Baby Brother for the first time - Video

I can’t 😂😂

The sweetest…

This reminds me of when Kate met Piper at the birth center. Piper was a few hours old and Kate had been waiting ALL day to see her. She was so excited and you could feel it. You could see her wanting to just hold,hug and kiss her baby sister but was holding back her excitement. When she did kiss her she couldn’t stop! Oh my heart.

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